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War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens

NovelWar Sovereign Soaring The HeavensWar Sovereign Soaring The Heavens
Chapter 3376 – A Gift economic chess
“Sect Head, Fantastic Elder, what had been we supposed to do underneath those We were naive. We do not have to live in the Chilly Drizzle Sect’s real estate, although the Gloomy Sunbow Sword Sect can’t do without you both!”
“Hm?” Yu Wen Qing was puzzled.
Lei Zhen Shan, who has been standing upright for the part, observed in reference to his oral cavity agape. Luckily, he made the appropriate final decision sooner. If not, he could have died at the same time.
“Hm?” Yu Wen Qing was perplexed.
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Lei Zhen Shan, who was standing on the side, seen along with his jaws agape. The good thing is, he produced the proper decision earlier. Otherwise, he could have passed away at the same time.
Chapter 3376: A Present
Duan Ling Tian reached out and gently patted her back without declaring something. His passion for his girl was apparent in their eye. He got not viewed his little princess in above 200 many years. He thought he would have to hang on another 700 yrs before he could see her all over again. Who understood she was able to escape through the Divine Presenting Territory along with been in the Solitary Exploitation Heaven for more than a century?
As he initially attained his girl last night, he was ecstatic. The moment he learned about the issue his little girl and Feng Tian Wu experienced, he asked them to cause them here without delay. Even though they got emerged in the morning, they solely presented up right at the end.
Lei Zhen Shan sighed in remedy inwardly. He recognized regardless of whether he signed up with factors with Lan Heng, they could struggle to conquer Duan Ling Tian. Once more, he felt privileged for creating the correct choice.
“I’ll carry those to you.” Duan Ling Tian nodded. Having a influx of his hands, he moved the severely mutilated Lan Heng and Lan Ji Nian in excess of.
“Sect Innovator Yu, be sure to never reject my surprise. For those who do not, it will eventually only help others.” Duan Ling Tian shook his go by using a faint laugh.
“So he offers to give us the Chilly Drizzle Sect’s estate?”
“Is Duan Si Ling’s father really preparing to annihilate the Chilly Drizzle Sect?”
“Sect Director!”
Lei Zhen Shan sighed in alleviation inwardly. He understood whether or not he became a member of factors with Lan Heng, they could be unable to beat Duan Ling Tian. All over again, he noticed successful for making the best choice.
“I have said it earlier… I, Yu Wen Qing, have renounced the positioning of the Sect Leader from the Cloudy Sunbow Sword Sect.” Yu Wen Qing’s phrase darkened when she noticed the conversation in the environment. Although she realized she was remaining self-centered by aiming to forfeit numerous people’s lives for just one man or woman, she was still irritated at how they aimed to force her favorite disciple out. How could they offer the audacity to accept a gift from Duan Si Ling’s daddy? What a laugh!
Duan Si Ling elevated her hand and retrieved her sword. She moved the sword straight down, getting rid of each adult men whose durability was depleted by her father.
“Heavens! Duan Si Ling’s dad is really a Celestial Emperor? Additionally, he feels a great deal more potent than regular Celestial Emperors!”
If Yu Wen Qing so you Bai Feng left behind the Cloudy Sunbow Sword Sect, the sect would fall into spoils. Much less a 4th-standard sect, it is going to probably turned into a fifth-quality sect. The fact is, they will often not even manage to safeguard themselves.
The Cool Drizzle Celestial Sect became a secondly-standard sect who had a King Grade Celestial Vein on their property. This recommended the Heaven and World Spirit Electricity there is far better than that inside the Cloudy Sunbow Sword Sect. Of course, the Gloomy Sunbow Sword Sect only had a Duke Level Celestial Crystal Vein.
“Heavens! Thats a terrifying gift item!”
“You’re being too respectful. There’s no need for that. I’m true in looking after Si Ling and do not expect to have anything at all in exchange. Following 100 years, I have already taken care of her like my daughter…” Yu Wen Qing claimed, declining Duan Ling Tian.
As he first attained his child yesterday, he was ecstatic. When he found out about the problem his little princess and Feng Tian Wu faced, he questioned these to direct them here without delay. Though they acquired showed up each morning, they merely presented up afterwards.
Lan Heng’s eyeballs widened and said hurriedly. “Sir, be sure to present mercy.”
“I-is he really Duan Si Ling’s father?
If Yu Wen Qing therefore you Bai Feng left behind the Gloomy Sunbow Sword Sect, the sect would succumb to destroys. Not to mention a 4th-standard sect, it might probably developed into a fifth-standard sect. In reality, they may not have the ability to safeguard themselves.
Lan Ji Nian screamed in terror, “Grandpa! Aid me! I don’t desire to kick the bucket!”
Lei Zhen Shan sighed in comfort inwardly. He believed whether or not he joined up with energies with Lan Heng, they might be unable to defeat Duan Ling Tian. All over again, he believed privileged for creating the proper conclusion.
Right now, understanding also dawned on Yu Wen Qing, You Bai Feng, and others in the Gloomy Sunbow Sword Sect. They finally understood the ‘gift’ Duan Ling Tian outlined.
War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens
When he 1st attained his little girl yesterday, he was ecstatic. Once he learned about the challenge his little princess and Feng Tian Wu encountered, he inquired these phones lead them here immediately. Although they experienced came in the morning, they only demonstrated up at the end.

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